Iris - Escalation System

Iris is a highly configurable and flexible service for escalations.

Iris demo

Iris allows you to easily escalate to individual users and teams in your organizations to notify them of events. Here is a quick summary of its features:

  • 100% customizable message format and escalation steps. Eg, reach out to user Foo via email. If they don’t respond after X tries, reach out to their manager.
  • Flexible user configurable message batching/reprioritization rules.
  • Pluggable command interface for easy service integration.
  • Rich third party service provider integration:
    • Integration with Gmail. Claim incidents via buttons in your inbox and by replying to emails.
    • Supports escalating via SMS and Phone using twilio.
    • Integration with Slack for notifications via IM.
  • Professionally-designed rich frontend facilitating great usability, to make creating and managing complex escalation plans a breeze.
  • High availability, distributed by nature.

At linkedin, we use Iris together with our open-source shift scheduling system Oncall. The combination of the two provide a way to manage on-call schedules and ensure that the person scheduled as on-call at a given time is notified of any issues.