Iris is the automated incident paging system at LinkedIn.

It allows for highly intricate escalation plans as well as supporting the transport of messages across a wide variety of media (email, slack, sms, phone call, etc)


100% customizable message format and escalation steps.

  • Messages are formatted with html and jinja templating to make them truly custom.

Flexible, user-configurable message batching and reprioritization rules

  • For example, send texts rather than calls after 3 missed calls.

Pluggable command interface for easy service integration

  • Well-documented REST APIs which third party services can easily target to create new escalations.

Rich third party service provider integration:

  • Integration with Gmail. Claim incidents via buttons in your inbox and by replying to emails.
  • Supports escalating via SMS and Phone using twilio.
  • Integration with Slack for notifications via IM.

UI that is clean, effortless to use

  • Iris sports a design not only aesthetically pleasing but also easy to use, making managing complex escalation plans trivial.

High availability, distributed by nature

  • Utilizes a split-stack architecture which supports and encourages load balancing.
  • Trusted By:
  • Stream Labs